The Terry Campese Foundation exists to make a significant difference to hundreds (hopefully thousands) of lives via a range of charities in Canberra, Queanbeyan and Southern New South Wales. In exceptional circumstances The Foundation provides financial or in-kind support to individuals in desperate need.


‘I’ve been privileged to play footy at the top level and I’ve always had tremendous support and that really means a lot to me. Having had plenty of time to think while on the injury list, I decided it was time to give something back. With the help of The Foundation’s co-director Pamela Slocum and the Ideas and Directions team, I hope to be in a position to support the local community for many years to come.

To all of you who have supported The Foundation so far I thank you most sincerely, I am really very grateful and with your continued support we will help many more people in need.’


The goal of The Foundation is to make a difference in a very practical way to people of all ages with a range of needs. To work with established organisations that do not judge or discriminate against anyone who has fallen on hard times, suffers from mental illness, homelessness, poverty or disabilities of any nature.


The Foundation holds events throughout the year to generate funds in order to provide important cash donations that give tangible support to those in need. These organisations include, but are not limited to: St John’s Care, Ronald McDonald House Canberra,  Home in Queanbeyan, Cerebral Palsy Alliance ACT and Southern NSW,  CanTeen ACT and Southern NSW, Galilee Foster Care, Youth Care Canberra, Bosom Buddies and The Salvation Army in Queanbeyan.The Foundation has also helped individuals confronted with major issues.

Terry Campese consistently gives what money can’t buy – he gives himself. As a very hands-on director, Terry helps when and wherever he can. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and always rolls up his sleeves to become part of the team. He is definitely not just a figurehead!
From serving monthly lunches to marginalised people, attending committee meetings and providing lunch for other not-for-profit organisations, to giving Raiders tickets to those who can’t afford to buy them and taking children with disabilities to home games, providing auction items to help other worthy causes raise funds. Terry has also taken young people doing it tough to events at local venues, not because he is asked to, because he wants to. Terry also attends as many activities as he possibly can for the various organisations supported by The Foundation.

The Foundation is asked for help on a weekly basis, and when Terry is personally unable to help, he enlists other members of The Canberra Raiders to step in. The young men who have become involved in helping The Terry Campese Foundation are not only doing a wonderful job, they are really enjoying helping and feel privileged to give something back to the community that cheers them on in the good times as well as the bad.

The more support The Terry Campese Foundation receives the more support it can give. Imagine how many people we could help if 1,000 people donated $5 each per week ($260 per year). Please consider donating to THE TERRY CAMPESE FOUNDATION, every dollar helps.